The Smallest Cat In The World

The massive tiger and lion, known as "big cats," measure 198 to 584 pounds. The lion was 690 pounds and the tiger 846 pounds. 

The opposite side of the scale? World's smallest cat? Learn about little cats here. 

Rusty-spotted cats are among the tiniest cats. Asia's smallest wildcat. 

This cat is 13–19 inches long and 2–3.5 pounds. The rusty-spotted cat's tail is half its size at 5.9 to 11 inches.

Rusty-spotted cats are smaller than housecats. They have short spherical heads, large ears, and two white stripes on their inner eyelids. Dark streaks and markings cover their brown-gray bodies. 

Only India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal have this species. Rusty-spotted cats inhabit meadows, hill slopes, shrublands, and damp and dry deciduous woods. 

Singapuras are the tiniest domesticated cats. Since this cat is from Malaysia, its name means "Singapore" in Malay.