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The 10 Worst U.S. Cities for a Weekend Getaway 

Gary has faced economic challenges and a high crime rate, which can impact its appeal as a tourist destination.

Gary, Indiana

Flint has experienced issues with water contamination and economic decline, which may deter visitors seeking a pleasant weekend escape.

Flint, Michigan

While Stockton has made efforts to revitalize its downtown, it still faces higher crime rates compared to other cities in California.

Stockton, California

Camden has struggled with high crime rates and economic challenges, which may make it a less popular choice for a weekend getaway.

Camden, New Jersey

While Detroit has seen revitalization in recent years, it still faces some safety concerns and limited tourist attractions compared to other cities.

Detroit, Michigan

Oakland has higher crime rates compared to some other cities in the Bay Area, which may affect its appeal for a weekend getaway.

Oakland, California

While Memphis offers cultural attractions like Graceland and Beale Street, it has areas with higher crime rates that can deter some visitors.

Memphis, Tennessee

Birmingham may not offer as many tourist attractions or vibrant nightlife compared to other cities in the region.

Birmingham, Alabama