Experts' Picks for the Top 8 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the United States

Afghan Hound

With their long, silky hair and regal bearing, Afghan Hounds are known for their elegant appearance.

Siberian Husky

With their striking blue eyes and thick, fluffy coat, Siberian Huskies are a favorite among many dog lovers.

Shiba Inu

With their fox-like appearance and cute, compact size, Shiba Inus have a unique and adorable beauty.


With their fluffy white coats and cheerful expressions, Samoyeds are often referred to as "smiling" dogs.

Golden Retriever

With their friendly, outgoing personalities and lustrous golden coats, Golden Retrievers are a beloved breed worldwide.


With their sleek, silver-gray coats and piercing blue eyes, Weimaraners are often described as "elegant" dogs.


With their distinctive black and white spots and athletic build, Dalmatians are both stylish and athletic.


With their muscular build and expressive faces, Boxers exude strength and charisma.

Bernese Mountain Dog

With their thick, tri-colored coats and gentle, affectionate personalities, Bernese Mountain Dogs are both beautiful and lovable.