Best Colors to Wear If You Have Brown Eyes, According to Stylists


Gold hues, such as warm metallic shades or earthy golden tones, can complement and bring out the warmth and depth of brown eyes.


Various shades of purple, such as plum, eggplant, or lavender, can create a striking contrast with brown eyes and make them appear more vibrant.


Green, particularly jewel-toned greens like emerald or olive, can beautifully complement brown eyes, creating an appealing harmony between the eye color and clothing.


Earthy bronze shades can provide a flattering backdrop for brown eyes, accentuating their richness and depth.


Similar to bronze, copper tones, including rusty oranges or warm reddish-browns, can create a beautiful contrast and enhance the warm undertones of brown eyes.

Navy Blue

Deep shades of navy blue, such as midnight blue or indigo, can make brown eyes stand out and add sophistication to any outfit.


The rich teal color, blending blue and green, can create a captivating contrast with brown eyes, making them appear more pronounced.


Vibrant turquoise shades can create a striking and eye-catching combination with brown eyes, adding a pop of color and drawing attention to the eyes.

Earthy Neutrals

Earth tones, including warm browns, soft taupes, or creamy beige shades, can provide a natural and complementary backdrop for brown eyes.