9 foods that most Americans despise


This fruit is notorious for its strong odor, which some people find unpleasant.

Black licorice

While some Americans enjoy the distinct flavor of black licorice, others find it too strong or bitter.


While tofu is a staple in many cuisines, some Americans may not enjoy its texture or flavor.


This organ meat is a source of many important nutrients, but some Americans may find its strong flavor and texture unappealing.


These small, salty fish are a popular ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes, but some Americans may find their pungent flavor off-putting.

Brussels sprouts

While these mini cabbages have gained popularity in recent years, some Americans may still have a dislike for their bitter taste.


This vegetable is commonly used in Southern cooking, but its slimy texture may turn some Americans away.

Blue cheese

The strong, pungent flavor of blue cheese may not be to everyone's liking.


While some people enjoy the fresh, citrusy taste of cilantro, others may find its flavor reminiscent of soap.