8 Best Burritos in The U.S.

La Taqueria is renowned for its Mission-style burritos, which are generously filled with succulent meat, beans, cheese, and salsa. It has been a beloved spot in San Francisco since 1973.

La Taqueria 

Another iconic Mission-style burrito destination, El Farolito is known for its large portions and flavorful fillings. Their salsa is a standout and adds an extra kick to their burritos.

El Farolito

Located in the heart of East Los Angeles, Los Cinco Puntos is celebrated for its authentic Mexican burritos. Their homemade tortillas and quality ingredients make for a memorable burrito experience.

Los Cinco Puntos

La Pasadita is a Chicago institution offering fantastic burritos. Their grilled steak burrito, filled with tender meat and topped with onions, cilantro, and hot sauce, is a local favorite.

La Pasadita (Chicago, Illinois)

Taqueria Cancún is known for its super-sized, flavorful burritos. The al pastor (marinated pork) burrito is highly recommended, and their salsa bar provides an array of options to customize your meal.

Taqueria Cancún (San Francisco, California)

Located in the East Village, La Taqueria Mexicana serves up delicious and affordable burritos. Their extensive menu includes a variety of filling options to suit every palate.

La Taqueria Mexicana 

 El Charro Café is a Tucson gem, serving Sonoran-style burritos. The carne asada burrito is a standout, featuring grilled steak, pinto beans, and fresh toppings wrapped in a handmade flour tortilla.

El Charro Café

While primarily known for their tacos, Torchy's Tacos also offers exceptional burritos. With creative flavor combinations and high-quality ingredients, Torchy's is a must-visit for burrito lovers in Austin.

Torchy's Tacos